Rain Chains

Originating hundreds of years ago in Japan, Rain Chains act as linked funnels and are a decorative alternative to a cheerless gutter downspout. Rainwater playfully dances and flows down these handcrafted copper and aluminum channels as it is guided from the rooftop to the ground. Your customers will pray for rain once they attach their Rain Chain. One of our most popular items, our pure copper and aluminum rain chains in a broad selection of styles and finishes will appeal to every taste. A natural patina will develop on the polished copper styles over time, adding to the character and charm of these delightful chains.


18 Cup Bluebell - Polished.html - More Details
GD-461P-6 $137.68
18 Cup Tulip - Polished.html - More Details
GD-463P-6 $186.67
18 Cup Tulip -  Blue Verde.html - More Details
GD-463V1-6 $186.67
Double Link - Polished.html - More Details
GD-464P-6 $93.32
Double Link -  Blue Verde.html - More Details
GD-464V1-6 $93.32
Single Link - Polished.html - More Details
GD-465P-6 $81.67
Gutter Installation Clip.html - More Details
GD-467P $14.01
Rain Chain Basin - Polished.html - More Details
GD-479V1 $81.67
Wine and Glasses - Polished.html - More Details
GD-482P-6 $151.66
Pineapple - Polished.html - More Details
GD-483P-6 $151.66


This corner unit is very comfortable, especially with the center pillow. I got the corner with one on each side, and the configuration is excellent with a coffee table. Oh, and the teak and construction are certainly excellent.

Hi I will make a note to do the facebook post! I LOVE my bench and you were so helpful to me with the peg issue. I was so afraid to sand them down, but that seemed to do the trick. I have also used teak oil on the bench and it really is gorgeous out in my yard. Thank you again for all of your help . The bench is very well made and very high quality. Its always a risk ordering on line, but your website was really good and then customer service top notch! MD - GA