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Weathervanes, Windchimes

Weather Vanes, Wind Chimes & Outdoor Garden Accessories

Goldenteak now carries several excellent, high quality products from Good Directions. With a reputation for the best and most beautiful products in the industry, Good Directions invests a great deal of time in researching designs and working with artists. When your customer purchases a Good Directions product, it is with the assurance that the same artist who created the design followed it through every step of the manufacturing and production process. At Good Directions, our service guarantee doesn't end at the point of purchase. With exceptional after-sale support, our customer service department is available to answer any questions you or your customer might have about our products: installation, technical specifications, assembly, troubleshooting - just call 1-800-852-3002 and a specialist will provide step-by-step directions. Most products are made from Copper, Brass, Bronze or Aluminum.



Jet Spray Lacquer.html - More Details
GD-150N $32.55
Medium Torch - Polished Copper.html - More Details
GD-202CH-C $232.84
Deck Bracket.html - More Details
GD-210 $23.23
Steel Rod Extension.html - More Details
GD-301-11 $23.23
Stainless/Brass rod.html - More Details
GD-301-11BR $26.25
Adjustable Roof Mount.html - More Details
GD-401AL $40.82
Cottage Adjustable Roof Mount.html - More Details
GD-401ALCC $34.88


Hi, Here is my new dining set installed on my backyard deck in Rye, NH. Absolutely love the quality and the feel of this dining set - very high quality and excellent design.​ 08/17/2015. Photo shows Goldenteak's Teak Dining Set Manhattan - a Teak Sutton Table, 4 Teak Providence Folding Chairs without arms and 2 Teak Providence Chairs with arms. The set has been teak oiled. Thank you very much for this photo - it helps our customers with ideas.

Got all my furniture now...we love it! SM Bayside WI