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Teak Dining Sets

TEAK PATIO DINING SETS - OUTDOOR. Elegant Teak Outdoor Patio Dining Sets that will last. Sets Priced below individual cost. Flat Pack Assembled. Some Assembly Required. GRADE A TEAK (why is this important?) White Glove Delivery now available - call us.

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Teak Dining Set 71
Teak Dining Set 71" Table and 6 Sling Stainless Stacking Chairs
Code: J-MILT-6J-SST-7
Price: $2,334.89

Teak Dining Set consisting of a 71" X 39" Dining table and 6 Stainless and Teak Stacking Chairs. Light but strong and versatile.
Teak Dining Set 71
Teak Dining Set 71" Table, Stacking Chairs, 2 w arms, 2 wo arms
Price: $2,540.99

A perfect set up for entertaining. 6 very solid Teak Stacking chairs (2 with arms, 4 without) a substantial table with a simple ye (..more)

Teak Dining Set, 60
Teak Dining Set, 60" Round Table, 6 Teak recliner Chairs
Code: 18C-6-316
Price: $2,418.94

A Perfect Teak Patio Dining Set for 6 or more. A solid 60" Dia. Round Table and 6 substantial 5 postion Teak Recliner Chairs. Pric (..more)
Teak Dining Set 60
Teak Dining Set 60" Round table and 6 Teak, Sling and Stainless Stacking Chairs
Code: 18C-6-J-SST-7
Price: $2,654.94

A Great Dining set for 6 + people. Solid Teak Table and Teak Sling and Stainless stacking chairs. These chairs are the most comfor (..more)

Teak Octagon Table (52
Teak Octagon Table (52"D), 4 Teak Reclining Chairs Portsmouth
Code: 21B-4-316
Price: $1,681.95

A Great Teak Dining Set for 4. For substantial Teak Reclining Chairs Portsmouth (see detail in related products) and one solid Tea (..more)
Teak Octagon Table (52
Teak Octagon Table (52"D), 4 Teak Stacking Chairs
Code: 21B-4-ST-CH2
Price: $1,772.99

Teak Dining Set for 4. Teak Octagon Table 51"D, 48" between flats and 4 Teak Stacking Chairs. Both table and chairs are well desig (..more)

Teak Octagon Table 52
Teak Octagon Table 52"D, 6 Rockport Chairs w arms
Code: 21B-6-84
Price: $1,926.47

Teak Patio Dining Set for 6. Teak Octagon Table (52"D) and 6 Rockport Folding Chairs with arms. See related products for details o (..more)
Teak Balcony Condo Dining Set
Teak Balcony Condo Dining Set
Code: T-R-77-2-C029-set
Price: $849.00

A perfect Teak Dining set for a small patio or a condo balcony. Great to sit around and enjoy the sun and the breeze. Fold away an (..more)

Teak Bench Seating Chippendale
Teak Bench Seating Chippendale
Code: 76-A-2-77-82A
Price: $1,394.42

Great Teak Seating set for an outdoor patio, deck or garden. A Sturdy 4ft Teak Chippendale bench, 2 Chippendale arm chairs and our (..more)
Teak Bench Seating Aquinah
Teak Bench Seating Aquinah
Code: 507A-2-RACH04-82A
Price: $1,394.50

Great seating for relaxing in your patio or garden. Our Teak Aquinah Bench 4ft, 2 teak Aquinah Arm Chairs and our 48" table 82A. C (..more)

Block Island Bench Seating Set
Block Island Bench Seating Set
Code: 26B-2-AAA-82A
Price: $1,387.85

Comfortable teak seating for patio or deck. Teak Block Island Bench 4ft with 2 Block Island Chairs with arms and a 48" Coffee tabl (..more)
48" Teak Octagon Table and 4 Aquinah Chairs with arms. A great set for a deck or patio.
Code: 21B-4-RACH04
Price: $1,876.23

An excellent teak dining set for deck, patio or balcony. A 48" Octagon Teak Dining Table combined with 4 Aquinah Chairs with arms. (..more)

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