There are three questions that come to mind when making a purchase:

a) Why buy Teak Furniture?

b) Why buy from Goldenteak?

c) Why Buy NOW?



Teak is the best wood for outdoor furniture - see more details here

Goldenteak Teak Wood is Plantation Grown (renewable) vs. Plastic and other furniture that is made from oil, or Aluminium furniture (that is non renewable) and leaves eyesores in the landscape.

Teak furniture lasts a very long time (more than 30 years), and ages well. Goldenteak designs are ergonomic and comfortable.



Since 1996 we have served our customers with the Direct model. We are a brick and mortar operation - not just a web site that you may see often. We direct import, we stock the teak furniture, inspect the furniture, ship it, and service it after the sale. We do not abdicate our responsibilities and ask you to contact some other company if there is a problem.

Goldenteak has very high quality - Teak wood is Grade A, Kiln Dried, Teak furniture is Fully Machine Made

Fittings are  Brass or stainless steel.

All products are checked in process, as well as just before shipment.

Goldenteak teak furniture is made from lengths of wood that are not finger jointed. Some very well known catalog companies associated with teak use fingerjointing in the long or curved sections to reduce their costs but not your price. Goldenteak does not use fingerjointing on long sections like bench backs, legs etc.

Goldenteak keeps its prices low by

   1) Directly importing teak furniture

   2) Selling Direct to consumers with no middleman markups.

   3) Doing a higher volume lower margin business.  Less for us and more for you.

Goldenteak offers a 30 day money back guarantee (see details). If you have questions about our quality - just buy one piece to try us out.

Goldenteak offers a 5 Year Guarantee. We are very confident that our products will stand the test of time.

Goldenteak service is excellent.

Goldenteak has SPARE PARTS for everything we sell.

Goldenteak offers custom cushions which are sized for the product purchased.


c) Why BUY NOW?

Teak prices have been increasing steadily. At the time of writing this Grade A teak (raw) costs about $4000 per cubic meter. (This is why you see some of the competition using fingerjointing). Teak prices are forecast to continue to rise due to limited supply.

Shipping costs have been increasing steadily due to gas and labor increases.

Manufacturing costs have also been increasing steadily (inflation)

Good grade A Teak is becoming harder to obtain - so this is your chance to get a good teak set at a good price.

Goldenteak has special offers from time to time that make our products even more attractive. Free shipping, weekly specials, set deals and closeouts.

Goldenteak stocks most products, especially early spring.  So buying early will ensure that you get your teak patio furniture at a great price, with the highest quality, so you can enjoy it for the coming season.  Why wait until your season is almost over to receive your furniture.



1/21/16 - Hi Golden Teak Team, I am very pleased with our set of teak furniture. The price and quality is just right. It is made from awesome quality teak wood and smelled divine when we opened the packages. We bought it during spring of 2015. We have used it less than we thought we would because of the climate here in KS. We are new to the area and find it either too hot and humid, or sadly too cold to sit and enjoy our screened-in porch and the furniture.

The cushions are comfortable and obviously made from very high quality. I do think a lumbar pillow is necessary for comfort. May I suggest you offer a choice of sizing for the back cushions. The seat cushions fit very well into the chairs, and love seat and on the ottoman, but the height of the back cushion is a little too high, in my opinion. To me it seems a little 'grandma like'. If they were around 5 inches shorter on the back, they would become more sleek and modern looking, -- more Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware chic. - hope you understand what I mean. It is a matter of style - nothing else. I love the color we chose. It is a burnt deep orange.

 It makes me happy just walking by the doors in our bedroom and in our kitchen/living room, through them I can see the teak furniture with the happy color cushions. Hope this review is useful. I have attached a few photos so you can see how cozy our porch has become. :) Best regards, SRH, KS ( Products Teak Deep Seating Club Chair DS-Chappy1, Teak Deep Seating Loveseat DS-Chappy2, Teak Deep Seating Ottoman DS-Chappy-O and Teak Tray BTray9. See Customer Photo Here.

I absolutely love the 2 seater Lutyens bench...from delivery to the quality of the bench, I couldn't be more pleased! HG, Laurel MS