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November 25, 2007

Teak Patio Furniture Pricing

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Dear All,
Why is Teak Patio Furniture from Goldenteak.com so cheap?
This question always makes me feel that we should be raising our prices. May be we should…
Our Teak Patio Furniture is manufactured in Indonesia from Plantation grown Grade A Teak wood. Teak is a great material for patio furniture (but you probably know that already). Grade A Teak wood is expensive ranging from $3800 – $4300 per cubic meter (based on lengths used). Goldenteak uses Machine Manufacturing (which is more expensive than hand made) to ensure tight tolerances and high quality control.
We import directly, and we ship the teak patio furniture straight to you. There are NO MIDDLEMEN involved. Therefore the prices you see are devoid of the in between markup that is usually 100%.
So – you can see immediately that shopping for Teak Patio Furniture from us is immediately saving you a lot of money. If there was a middle man involved, you would see pricing that would nearly double that Goldenteak.com offers.
Our quality is second to none. Try a piece, and see if you like it. We do have a good 30 day money back policy, and a lifetime warranty. We are able to offer those only because we supply premium quality grade A teak patio furniture.
Thanks for listening,

Welcome to Zoe’s Teak furniture blog

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Happy Holidays !
Welcome to our teak furniture forum. We hope you will join this forum in discussing your thoughts on teak furniture and that you will find this blog useful in purchasing and caring for your lovely teak furniture.
Teak is a wonderful and everlasting wood. With minimal care or no care at all, teak will bring years of enjoyment. Beautiful pieces to enjoy with your family through the decades. Teak wood is like no other wood on the market. The wood is smooth to the touch and can take abuse. To maintain the beautiful warm blond color, apply several coats of teak oil. You may want to wait a few days before using it if you oil it.
Teak wood is great and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants lasting furniture pieces.

Best Regards,
Zoe Rose

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