Check out our new Wooden End Grain Cutting Boards in Teak

We have Teak End Grain Cutting Boards/ Chopping Blocks in several shapes and sizes. They feel extremely smooth to cut on. They are all 2 inches thick and very solid.

These Teak Cutting Boards are available in Round, Square or Rectangular Shapes in a few sizes at

Our Square or Rectangular Teak End Grain Cutting Boards have a moat to capture the Juices.

All our Cutting Boards have a carved handle inset so that one may carry them or flip them to use the other side.

We also sell a special Cutting Board Oil – Mineral Oil mixed with Bees Wax which preserves and beautifies these boards. Wood Cutting Boards should not be washed in a dishwasher as the heat and dryness may cause them to warp and crack. Rather one should hand wash them and let them air dry.

Take a look and call us if you have questions.

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