Non Extending Tables

Free Shipping available for tables only if purchased with a minimum of 4 chairs. If table is purchased alone, we will call you and let you know the shipping cost. All tables are shipped partially (flat pack) assembled (leg and frame separate). Minor Assembly Required. GRADE A TEAK (why is this important?)



Oh yes, as it looks today on deck. Impressive.  

See photo is of the Teak Harvest Rectangular Table with Teak Millbrook Chairs and Teak Millbrook Side Chairs


We purchased these two chairs (SLT-2-A-CR, Teak Chaise Lounge Cream Sling) for our newly remodeled back yard. We also purchased [3] of the Deep seated chairs along with [4] end tables and a 2 seat deep seated lounge chair and finally one of the trashcans. all of the products that we purchased are of such high quality and are fairly easy to put together. We did have one small mix up with one of the parts but a woman in the sales department by the name of Elle was so fantastic and so nice about it, it actually made us like the company even more. She was super helpful and made sure to do everything and anything she could to help fix the problem. All we can say is this site has some wonderful products that every person who enters our back yard now comments on the furniture more than the remodel of the actually yard. We look forward to purchasing more and more from Golden Teak LM, EN, CA