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Are you tired of constantly replacing your outdoor furniture because it fails against the ravages of weather and time? The solution could be as simple as choosing the right material: teak. One item that stands out in terms of longevity and comfort is the teak steamer chair.

Nothing quite matches the comfort and elegance of a well-designed teak steamer chair. These chairs have a timeless appeal, evoking memories of luxury ocean liners and relaxed afternoons on sun-drenched decks. They blend beautifully with natural surroundings, yet stand up to outdoor conditions with surprising resilience. Here at Goldenteak, we’re proud that our Teak Steamer Chairs are recognized not just for their beauty, but for their uncompromising quality.

Each Goldenteak’s Teak Steamer Chair is crafted from sustainably harvested, Solid Grade A Teak wood, known for its exceptional durability and resistance to rot and pests. It’s a winning combination of comfort, style, and durability that’s hard to beat.

Here’s a quick look at what sets teak steamer chairs apart:

  • Material: Teak wood is incredibly durable and resistant to weather, ensuring your chair will last for years to come.
  • Design: The steamer chair design is timelessly elegant, making it a great addition to any outdoor space.
  • Comfort: With the ability to recline and arrange the chair in various positions, you can find your perfect spot for relaxation.
  • Sustainability: The teak used in these chairs is sustainably sourced, making it a great choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

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In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the key features to look for when buying a teak steamer chair, and guide you through some of the best options available at Goldenteak to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Why Choose a Teak Steamer Chair?

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to enhance your outdoor space or a business owner wanting to provide your clients with comfortable seating, a teak steaker chair is an excellent investment. Here are three compelling reasons why you should consider this piece of furniture.

The Durability of Teak Wood

One of the most significant advantages of teak wood is its durability. This hardwood is known for its superior performance in marine environments, making it the ideal choice for outdoor furnishings. Its high oil and rubber content give it weatherproof qualities, forming natural barriers against the elements without sealers or treatment. As mentioned in the Country Casual Teak product description, solid teak construction, mortise and tenon joinery, and stainless steel fitting and hardware ensure that your furniture will last a lifetime.

The Comfort of Steamer Chairs

A teak steamer chair is designed with your comfort in mind. The back adjusts to from about 90 degrees to 135 degrees, allowing you to find the perfect angle for relaxation. The extra-long footrest provides additional support.

The Versatility of Teak Steamer Chairs

A teak steamer chair is not just durable and comfortable; it is also versatile. It can be used in various settings – from your backyard to a luxury charter boat. As described on the Goldenteak website, these chairs can be folded for easy storage, making them a practical choice for those with limited space. Moreover, they can be left outside in all seasons, requiring little to no maintenance. They also naturally oxidize to a soft, silvery gray, adding a touch of elegance to any outdoor space.

So, if you’re seeking a piece of furniture that combines durability, comfort, and versatility, a teak steamer chair is an excellent choice. We at Goldenteak offer a range of high-quality teak steamer chairs designed to meet your outdoor seating needs. Our Steamer Chairs have been used in Cruise Lines and chartered yachts, besides being used by a variety of Hospitality and Residential Settings.

Key Features to Look for in a Teak Steamer Chair

When you’re shopping for a teak steamer chair, there are several key features to consider. These features will ensure that the chair you select not only looks great but also provides the functionality and durability you need.

Quality of Teak Wood

The quality of the teak wood used in the construction of the chair is crucial. At Goldenteak, we don’t compromise on quality. We use only Solid Premium Grade A Teak wood, sustainably harvested to ensure the longevity of your chair. The high oil content in teak wood gives it excellent weatherproof qualities, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Design and Comfort

The design of the chair should provide maximum comfort and support. Our Teak Steamer Chairs are specifically designed for comfort, featuring 8 slats for strength and comfort. They recline to about 135 degrees, offering several positions for optimal relaxation.

Hardware and Fittings

The fittings used in the chair also play a significant role in its durability. Our chairs are equipped with solid brass fittings, ensuring they’re robust and rust-resistant. These chairs are shipped folded and require no assembly, making them convenient and user-friendly.

Additional Features: Cushions and Adjustability

Additional features can enhance the comfort and functionality of your teak steamer chair. Look for chairs with available cushions, such as our Steamer chair cushions available in a variety of colors from Sunbrella and Made in the USA. These can make the chair even more comfortable.

Adjustability is another important feature. Our chairs recline to various angles, allowing you to find the perfect position whether you’re reading, napping, or simply enjoying the outdoors.

Investing in a teak steamer chair is an investment in comfort, style, and sustainability. Keep these key features in mind when making your selection, and you’ll find the perfect chair for your outdoor space.


How to Care for Your Teak Steamer Chair

Caring for your teak steamer chair isn’t as hard as you might think. Here at Goldenteak, we know that teak wood is naturally durable and weather-resistant. But with a little bit of maintenance, you can preserve its beautiful color and prolong its lifespan.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Teak furniture doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, but a regular cleaning will help it look its best. All you need is mild soap and water. One user  shared that they lightly  power washed their teak patio chairs, which were weathered badly, but they cleaned up well.

After washing your teak steamer chair, let it dry completely. Teak wood’s grain will lift slightly when exposed to rain or water. But this is a natural process and doesn’t affect the strength or durability of the wood. Once the wood dries the grain will recede. You may sand the surface slightly if necessary.

Weatherproofing Your Teak Steamer Chair

Teak wood naturally weathers to a handsome silvery gray if left unfinished. This weathering process usually takes between three to twelve months, depending on sunlight exposure. But if you prefer to maintain the original color of the teak, you can apply a teak oil or teak sealer finish.

Teak oil extends the aesthetic appearance of the new teak furniture, but it will need reapplication as it eventually evaporates in six to twelve months (based on area conditions and sun exposure).

On the other hand, teak sealer products claim to seal the oils in teak wood and don’t add a surface layer of oil to the wood. Both products extend the aesthetic appearance of new teak furniture and will need reapplication after they evaporate.

Storing Your Teak Steamer Chair

The beauty of owning a teak steamer chair is that it can be left outside in all seasons. But if you prefer to store it, remember many of our designs are foldable for easy storage.

Taking care of your teak steamer chair doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With simple cleaning, optional weatherproofing, and considerate storing, you can enjoy the comfort and beauty of your teak steamer chair for many years to come.

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Teak Steamer Chair for Your Outdoor Space

In conclusion, investing in a teak steamer chair is a smart decision if you’re looking for a durable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing addition to your outdoor space. With numerous designs and additional features available, you’re bound to find a Goldenteak steamer chair that suits your taste and meets your outdoor living needs.

Goldenteak’s teak steamer chairs are designed with maximum comfort and durability in mind. With their solid Grade A teak wood and solid brass fittings, these chairs are built to withstand the elements and last for many years. From the classic teak steamer chair to the adjustable and folding options, each chair is designed to offer unique benefits to the user.

Moreover, our teak steamer chairs come with the option of comfortable cushions (Made in the USA) in a variety of colors. These Sunbrella cushions can enhance the comfort of your teak steamer chair, making your outdoor relaxation time more enjoyable.

Whatever design or additional features you choose, maintaining your teak steamer chair is straightforward with simple cleaning and weatherproofing. And if storage space is a concern, don’t forget that many of our designs are foldable for easy storage.

In the end, buying a teak steamer chair from Goldenteak ensures a combination of style, durability, and sustainability. We are committed to providing high-quality outdoor furniture that not only enhances your outdoor space but also respects our environment with sustainably sourced materials.

Ready to find your perfect teak steamer chair? Browse our range of teak steamer chairs today. For more information on our products and how to care for your teak furniture, check our Teak Outdoor Chairs page. Let us help you create the outdoor space of your dreams with the best teak steamer chair for your needs.

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Enjoy the comfort and durability of a Goldenteak teak steamer chair in your outdoor space.


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