Batyline Mesh Fabric - Description and Care - Goldenteak

Batyline Mesh Fabric used by Goldenteak for our Teak and Mesh  products (Chairs and Loungers), and for our Teak Boat Furniture is made by Serge Ferrari in France. Of the many versions of Batyline available for different usage scenarios, Batyline Iso is the kind used in Goldenteak Teak and Mesh products.

Batyline Iso is the industry standard for outdoor sling furniture. Its long life is due to extremely simple implementation, excellent resistance to weather conditions and dimensional stability.

Batyline Fabric is design for high strength with low weight four outdoor applications. It is designed to dry quickly and is in use at outdoor venues like the Hollywood Bowl and others.

Batyline has extreme light stability (will not deteriorate in sunlight), high tensile strength, and high mold resistance. Sagging of Batyline Iso is extremely minimal and it has memory which allows it to regain its original shape after use.

Cleaning of Batyline Mesh Fabric

To Clean Batyline Mesh Fabric used on Goldenteak products please use mild soap and water (like dishwashing soap). You may also use a non abrasive sponge or bristle brush. Please do not use scouring pads or harsh cleaning chemicals (especially those containing solvents) as these may damage the Fabirc or allow it to deteriorate faster.

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