Teak Backless Benches

The Rosemont Teak Backless Bench is for anyone who seeks to add elegant natural wood furniture to various areas of the home. A backless bench made of fine quality Grade A teak can provide comfortable, eco-friendly seating indoors and outdoors. Because there are always multiple uses for bench seating (like shower benches, in the bathroom, gym, patio or mud room), we offer a wide range of teak bench sizes in the Rosemont Series from 20 in. to 6 ft.

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    Teak Shower Bench Rosemont - 36 inch
    SKU: 039ST-92
    was $335.00 Special Price $299.00
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    Teak Shower Stool Rosemont- 19.5 inch | Premium Teak
    SKU: 039ST-50
    was $241.25 Special Price $217.12
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    Teak Shower Bench Rosemont - 24 inch
    SKU: 039ST-61
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    Teak Backless Bench Rosemont - 48 inch
    SKU: 039ST-122
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    Teak Backless Bench Rosemont 5ft | Premium Teak
    SKU: 039ST-153
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    Teak Shower Bench Regency 17H X 12D X 20W
    SKU: L-reg-spa
    was $230.22 Special Price $229.00
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    Teak Circular Curved Backless Bench from our Westminster Collection 83 in W
    SKU: C-RG-B
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Best Bench For Bathrooms

Teak wood furniture adds warmth and easy-going charm to the bathroom. If you’re planning on adding wood furnishings such as hampers and shelving to your bath, consider going a step further by adding a shower bench. Shower seating provides a safe place to sit and relax while cleansing. It can also be used as a storage space for soaps, shampoos and other items used in the shower.

Alternatively, if there’s a bathtub, the bench can be placed near the tub for use in and out of the shower/bathtub.

Easy-Going Entryway Seating

Another common use for a backless teak bench is as a convenient entryway seat. In this case, the bench is placed either just outside the door or near the indoor entryway. This makes it easy for people to sit and remove wet or muddy shoes and boots before entering the main rooms of the home.

Create Outdoor Seating Areas

Browse this collection to find the perfect teak backless garden bench to create seating on the patio, porch or garden. We offer benches that can seat several people and those that seat one person. So, if you desire a small outdoor backless bench for working in the garden, we’ve got just what you need.

Premium Quality Teak Backless Benches available from Goldenteak at excellent prices. Call us at (978) 689 4041
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