Goldenteak Hyde Park Teak Benches at High School

Site Furnishings, whether for Botanical Gardens, University and College Campuses, High Schools, Resorts and Hotels and Restaurants,  they all have the same requirements. Site Furnishings need to be durable, comfortable and appealing.

Goldenteak’s Teak Wood Site Furnishings – like Teak Benches, Adirondack Chairs, Rocking Chairs, Chaise Lounges and Teak Outdoor Dining Sets meet the requirements of Durability, Comfort and Style with ease.

In general Site Furnishings made of Aluminum tend to corrode quickly – especially near the coast. Even “Stainless Steel” rusts (especially if its not the highest grade). Wrought Iron is great but limited in designs and can be uncomfortable. Recycled Plastic – while its supposed to help the planet, ends up with furniture that is heavy, made from thick blocks and gets moldy easily.

Therefore, Teak Wood Site furnishings tend to be popular for their durability, comfort and style.

GOLDENTEAK’s  Teak Outdoor Furniture has been used in many Commercial and Hospitality settings. 

To see descriptions and usage examples of various types of  Site furnishings - please click on the links below:

Teak Benches in Site Furnishings

GOLDENTEAK's Teak Benches have been used extensively in settings like Botanical Gardens, Towns, Hospitals, Universities, High Schools and National Parks. Here are a few examples.

Goldenteak Hyde Park Teak Benches at Public School Goldenteak Hyde Park Teak Benches Portland
Institution - Public School Town
Goldenteak Hyde Park Benches Marthas Vineyard Hospital Haddonfield Baptist Cemetery
Hospital Cemetery
Goldenteak Hyde Park Teak Benches Yale University Goldenteak Teak  Lutyens Bench at Bank
University Bank




Teak Outdoor Dining Sets for Restaurant and Institutional Site Furnishings

GOLDENTEAK's Teak Outdoor Dining Tables and Chairs have been used extensively by Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants to outfit their Outdoor Seating and Dining, their Food Courts or company Patios and Atriums.

Quite popular are the Teak Bistro Tables (which can be abutted to make arbitrarily long tables), Teak Root Sq Tables, combines with our very solid and durable Millbrook Chairs or Aquinah Chairs. We carry a large stock of product at any time and can most often fulfil Restaurant or Resort size orders in a couple of weeks. Goldenteak products are made from Premium Teak that is sustainably harvested - which implies that they will be durable and require very little maintenance.

Typical Restaurant Outdoor Seating - Goldenteak Relaxed Private Dining at High End Resort
Outdoor Seating exclusive restaurant in Florida Outdoor Patio at Restaurant
Lake Lure Resort Goldenteak Winnetu Inn Martha's Vineyard Goldenteak
GOLDENTEAK Outdoor Dining Sets - resort North Carolina Island Summer Resort - GOLDENTEAK Teak Outdoor Dining Sets


Teak Adirondack Chairs in Site Furnishings

Goldenteak's Teak Adirondack Chairs are a Durable,comfortable addition to a resortor hospitality decor. They have been used widely and in quantity at numerous resorts that serve customers both in Summer and Winter. Goldenteak's Adirondacks are made from sustainably harvested Grade A Premium Teak Wood - which translates to great durability and low maintenance, just perfect for Resorts and Hospitality.

GOLDENTEAK Teak Adirondacks at Devils Backbone Brewery Site Furnishings Goldenteak Teak Adirondaccks Site Furnishings at Salamander Resort
GOLDENTEAK Teak Adirondacks at the Devils Backbone Brewery  
GOLDENTEAK Teak Adirondacks at Cantigny Resort Illinois Site Furnishings Goldenteak Teak Adirondacks at Museum in Miami
Goldenteak Teak Adirondack Site Furnishings at Cantigny Resort Illinois

Goldenteak Adirondacks and End Tables at Museum in Miami



Teak Rocking Chairs in Institutional Site Furnishings

Goldenteak's Teak Rocking Chairs are perfect for porches and verandas at relaxed settings like resorts or bed and breakfasts or Scenic Hotels. These rocking chairs are made from Premium Teak and are extremely durable and can withstand commercial use.

Goldenteak's Teak Rocking Chairs in a rustic hospitality setting Goldenteak's Teak Rocking Chairs at an Audobon Society chapter



Teak Outdoor Sofas and Chairs in Hospitality Site Furnishings

Goldenteak's Teak Outdoor Deep Seating Sofa's Club Chairs and Love Seats are made from Premium Teak Wood and Premium Sunbrealla Fabric Cushions (Made in the USA). Our products have withstood the test of time in many upscale resorts, restaurants and bars and waiting areas in institutions.  We can make special fire retardant products if localordinancces require. Goldenteak's products are perfect for your next hospitality or institutional design project.

Roof Top Restaurant using Goldenteak's Teak Deep Seating
Goldenteak's Deep Seating at a very exclusive Resort. Goldenteak's Teak Deep Seating is used in upscale Restaurants and Bars and waiting areas.

Goldenteak's Teak Outdoorr Furniture Products have been successfully used in demanding Site Furnishings applications since 1996. We are able to fulfil your requirements most of the time, even in a couple of weeks. Please contact us for your outdoor site furnishings needs. We are confident that you will be pleased with the results.



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