How to Choose the Best Teak Outdoor Furniture

Are you thinking about choosing quality outdoor furniture for your home or business? The experts at Golden

Teak can help you decide whether teak furniture is right for you. Keep reading to learn about teak’s benefits and the wide selection of teak outdoor furniture and patio furniture sets that Golden Teak has to offer, including teak deep seating, chaise lounges, patio dining sets, benches, chairs and outdoor bar sets.


What Is Teak Furniture?

Teak wood is an oily, dense wood that combines function, beauty and quality. It’s a great material for outdoor furniture because:

1) Its density of grain prevents it from splintering – hence its use on ships’ decks in days gone by, as well as swimming platforms, rails, etc., in modern-day pleasure boats.

2) Teak furniture's natural oils resist rot and decay. Below, you can see an example of a teak bench that’s been in service for more than 20 years as outdoor furniture. You can help teak furniture keep its golden appearance by oiling the teak every year or letting it weather into distinctive, silvery-gray teak outdoor furniture, as seen in the photo.


Above is a teak bench that’s been in service as outdoor furniture for 20-plus years. Note the silvery-gray finish of the untended teak, making it an excellent piece of natural-looking garden furniture.

3) Teak is naturally resistant to salt water and salt spray, hence its use near seacoasts. It can weather the elements with no rust and no corrosion, as the examples below indicate. 

To the left is the deck of the Charles W. Morgan, a wooden whaler commissioned in the mid-1800s. This deck is made of teak wood and is over 100 years old.

Below is a picture of the Charles W. Morgan, now safely kept as a historic landmark at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. The ship was made in New Bedford, Mass., which was one of the harshest environments for ships due to snow, salt, cold, whale blubber and oil exposure.


Best of all, teak outdoor furniture is easy to maintain and store during the winter, making it great for all locations. Choose teak for your outdoor furniture, and choose GOLDENTEAK as your retail supplier. Browse our online store, or give us a call. As direct importers of teak furniture, we offer competitive pricing and superior customer service.  Read our teak outdoor furniture reviews to see why so many customers trust GOLDENTEAK.


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