Grade A Quality Premium Teak Patio Furniture from

Grade A Quality Premium Teak Patio Furniture from

We at Goldenteak refuse to compromise on quality and comfort by selling anything other than A Grade solid Plantation Grown teak wood product. We NEVER stain or paint our product but offer it in a buttery smooth Natural Fine Sanded finish. We will not sell you B/C grade teak wood, "teak look", "select teak", acacia or any other wood that is cheaper and less long lasting than Grade A. You can get a bench for $500 in B/C grade teak wood, or $700 in Grade A from us. B/C Grade is more porous, softer than Grade A, with a lot of white sap wood and lasts a fraction of the time as Grade A Teak. Boat decks only use Grade A teak because they are expensive and hard to replace. Customers are led to believe that B/C Grade Teak wood that has been camouflaged with stain is as good as Grade A Teak. It is deceptive marketing.

In Summary

    1. Goldenteak Uses Premium Quality Grade A Teak Wood, Plantation Grown, FSC Certified. Some companies do not specify the origin of their wood, or that their furniture is manufactured in China or India. 90% of the wood used in the manufacture of Teak products in China, India, Thailand or Vietnam comes from Burma (Myanmar). Most of the teak harvest is not legal since commercial logging of teak was banned in Burma in 2014 because deforestation caused mudslides, floods etc. and ecological chaos due to lack of plantation planning. Passing it through a third party like China, India, Thailand or Vietnam may hide the origin of the wood, but does take away the responsibility from several large publicly traded US companies that engage in this underhanded practice. Since 1996 Goldenteak has only used plantation grown teak wood sustainably harvested and therefore ecologically friendly.
  1. We use thick sections for arms, table tops, benches and chairs, with NO fingerjointing. Thicker or wider than most competitors.
  2. We machine manufacture our products (tight tolerances, interchangeability) with mortise and tenon joinery using teak dowels. We provide our products flat pack assembled so that final assembly is done on site. This allows you to see the tight tolerances, and overall premium quality. Products that arrive pre assembled (especially from Jepara Indonesia) are generally not machine made, and need to be assembled because the cottage industry carpenters use glue and shims to make non machine made parts fit together. It is generally a cheaper imprecise process where even the quality of wood is not guaranteed. Further - if a part breaks, Goldenteak can supply a replacement because all our products are made from drawings and are precise. There is no chance that you can get a replacement part for a home made product which is pre assembled. Of course, it will be cheaper because it has all these limitations. Most large brand name manufacturers like us do not source from the cottage industry of Jepara Indonesia. Be careful when buying fully assembled product, especially from Jepara.
  3. We use Brass or Stainless Steel Hardware for exposed sections and weather resistant hardware throughout
  4. Goldenteak provides Premium Teak Patio Furniture with a Natural Fine Sanded Finish and No Coatings. Companies that provide Teak Patio Furniture with a "Weathered Stain Finish", or "Pre oiled for your convenience" are most likely using inferior quality teak wood (not Grade A), and using a bleaching and staining process to make the poor quality wood look presentable. It is not for "your benefit or convenience", but to aid their bottom line.
  5. Therefore, we can offer an excellent warranty and easy customer service.
  6. Goldenteak is noted for its quality and its impeccable service - please take a look at our Reviews and also Customer Photos (which show you Goldenteak Teak Patio, Outdoor Garden and Bath products in use at actual homes or businesses)
  7. Goldenteak provides Premium Teak Furniture


DO NOT BE FOOLED by unscrupulous retailers who mislead you to think something is made of Teak Wood by using terms like "Teak Look" (which is pine or lower grade wood colored to look like teak wood), "Tekwood" - which is plastic resin colored to look like wood, and makes you think it is a spelling mistake, or others who cite articles as their claim to fame - without letting you know that the articles were written 17 years ago.

Some competitors are touting their quality as "Best in the US". This is misleading and not truthful. . Goldenteak provides Grade A Teak, with superior manufacturing. Grade A teak comes from the heart of the tree (Heartwood), as opposed to Grade C which come from the outer layers (Sapwood). The Sapwood  is much lighter,  more porous, and is prone to insect damage and decay. Further, the Sapwood is not as strong as the Heartwood (which is what Goldenteak uses). Goldenteak can provide a 5 Year warranty on teak, because we know our teak is Grade A, strong and will last. Grade A teak is also more uniform, and has a beautiful golden brown color. Teak C grade Sapwood (which Goldenteak does not use) cost less than half of  the Heartwood (Grade A Teak). In Indonesia, they cannot give this grade  C teak wood away. Goldenteak never has used anything less than Grade A since 1996. Our unapologetic pride is in providing you with Premium Teak, Superior Manufacturing and a Superior Warranty at a Reasonable price. Here are some example comparisons. The picture of a table from an online competitor  on the right shows BAD QUALITY TEAK (full of Sapwood).  The picture on the left from Goldenteak shows what GOOD QUALITY TEAK looks like.  While no two pieces of wood are alike, good quality teak wood is color matched. At Goldenteak we always provide you with Premium Quality Teak Wood Furniture at the best possible prices.


Other sites may say "At no extra cost our furniture comes finished with a hard wearing acrylic stain that protects the wood from mold & mildew and maintains the beautiful golden teak color." This really means that they used poor cheap wood, stained it and gave it a finish to make it look presentable and saleable. GOOD TEAK IS ALWAYS SOLD UNFINISHED, FINE SANDED. BEAUTIFUL GRADE A Teak Wood does not need staining or painting. Grade A Teak lasts, as evidenced by its use for maritime oceanic purposes, from a causual Country house to Westminster Abbey. Classic Grade A Teak costs more, and that is all we carry in our Golden Teak Warehouse.

Goldenteak Grade A Quality - Click on picture for more detail. GOOD QUALITY TEAK Bad quality from Cheaper competition - note the lighter sapwood, non uniformity. We have NEVER seen such bad quality being offered for sale. BAD QUALITY TEAK.
Grade C Quality Table by Creek


Some Sellers try to take bad quality teak (Grades B/C)  and make it look like good quality with a stain or coating. Some times these sellers also provide a touch up kit to make the dowels  to make the dowels match their stain. Grade B/C Quality teak is 40 to 60% cheaper in Indonesia, and has a host of problems down the road. Basically it is bad cheap wood camouflaged to make it look better. Sap wood is porous and does not last long, nor is it as strong.


GRADE C and B Teak Wood being used by competition in the creek. The quality is deceptively called Grade A - but is really the cheap grade C/B/ See the sap wood on the legs. Further, as mentioned - fully assembled, handmade product sounds good, but is not really good because glue and shims are used to "fit" inaccurately made pieces. The product is much cheaper than precisely machine made (still made by humans but with drawings, jigs and fixtures) product as availble from Goldenteak. Goldenteak can replace parts of product (in case of problems) - which is impossible with imprecisiely cottage made Grade C product. Look at our references and testimonials.





What makes GOLDENTEAK teak patio furniture and other teak products superior to the competition?


All GOLDENTEAKTM brand products provide excellent quality at reasonable prices. Below is a consumer fact sheet with information on quality specifications for teak patio furniture or indoor furniture. Please call us at (978) 689 4041 for any additional questions. Pictures showing the quality of our teak furniture can be found at the bottom of this page.


GOLDENTEAK products never use fingerjointing in our chairs and benches. Fingerjointing is when smaller sections of wood are used to create a larger piece. This is most often used in curved sections, or on the back leg of benches where there may be a slight contour. Fingerjointing does save the manufacturer and the seller money, but it also results in a weaker joint and non matching colors at the joint. If you oil your bench, or stain it, or polyurethane it, you will find that the fingerjointed sections show marked contrast.  We have noticed a of manufacturers and retailers are selling fingerjointed product and wanted you to be aware. You can read more about this here.


Goldenteak Products not only use Premium Teak Wood and Premium Manufacturing methods - we also make our products substantial - using thick sections of wood for load bearing timbers, thick table tops and thick frames for our chairs. Take a look at the pictures below the next specification section - please.


GOLDENTEAKTM brand products conform to the following quality specifications:


A) TEAK WOOD - SOLID, GRADE A.  All GOLDENTEAKTM brand products are made of Solid Grade A Teak Wood sustainably harvested from renewable Government Plantations in Indonesia (perum perhutani, harvested at 20 year cycles, first planted by Dutch Colonists about 200 years ago). We use solid pieces of wood (rather than fingerjointed sections) for all our construction. Photo below shows how we select the heartwood (Grade A) for Goldenteak Premium Teak Furniture.


 Choosing Heartwood Sections for Grade A Premium Quality Outdoor Furniture - Goldenteak

B) KILN DRIED. All Solid Grade A Teak Wood used in GOLDENTEAKTM brand products is kiln dried to a moisture content of 6 - 12%.  Moisture levels can be influenced by ambient weather. This process is vastly superior to Air Drying offered by others. Kiln Drying ensures wood dryness at the core (not just the surface) and therefore  reduces  cracking, splitting and warpage - important considerations when shopping for teak patio furniture.

Kiln Drying Teak Wood - Goldenteak


C) MORTISE AND TENON JOINERY. All GOLDENTEAKTM brand products use Mortise and Tenon joinery in their construction.  This is the most superior of all construction methods, resulting in solid durability.  The Tenons are secured in the Mortises with Teak Dowels or screws as appropriate.


D) MACHINE MADE. All GOLDENTEAKTM brand products are Fully machine made. Machine made construction is about 50% more expensive in Indonesia, since it requires investment in machines and stricter process control. Fully Machine Made is superior to partially machine made as well as hand made. Fully machine made product allows for part interchangeability and easier assembly. Machine made products are more precise, and allow Goldenteak to ship these products Flat Pack Assembled, and have replacement parts that fit when you may experience shipping damage.


E) FLAT PACK ASSEMBLED. GOLDENTEAKTM brand products are Flat Pack Assembled where possible. This method of delivery ensures less shipping damage, and reduces shipping costs, shipping being charged based on Actual Weight rather than Dimensional Weight. 


F) SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION FOR TABLE TOPS. All GOLDENTEAKTM brand Tables have fingerjointed construction at the joints. This produces a more solid Table Top, and is considered the best practice for Table Top construction.



Here are some Teak Dining Table examples - click on image for larger display.

Here is an example from our Teak Adirondack Chair



Thanks for your interest in Teak Patio Furniture and Garden Furniture from where we provide GOLDENTEAKTM Solid Grade A Kiln Dried Teak Wood Products. Teak Chairs, Tables, Loungers, Benches, Indoor Furniture and Teak Outdoor Furniture are all available at competitive prices. We also carry cushions for all the products in our inventory. 

Please see some pictures below that give you a glimpse of our quality. The items shown have been lightly Teak Oiled. Pictures were taken at a customer site.

Solid Brass used where applicable....
See picture of Rectangular Folding Table

VerySolid Teak - 
See table top on one of our tables

Care and attention even to the undersides

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