30 Day Money Back Guarantee, RETURNS

We at Goldenteak want you to be happy and satisfied with your teak furniture purchase. To that end, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee for residential sales. If you have any questions you may call us at 978 689 4041, or write us at  We try and give you the highest quality teak wood furniture and the best prices. 

Goldenteak Customers have been happy with quality and design of the product since 1996.   Our return rate is less than 0.1%. Therefore we do not inflate our prices to take into account return costs. While others may offer "free return shipping", you are paying 30% - 40% more for that privilege.  If you have questions on the quality, design, or anything else - call us at 978 689 4041. 

Goldenteak products are shipped the safest and most efficient way possible. For single products or small products, we may use parcel carriers like UPS, FEDEX etc. For larger products or for a larger number of products and standard shipments we use Motor Frieght Carriers (large trucks) and ship products for curbside delivery, on a pallet usually protected by a bridge. Please retain all packaging and the pallet (if any) until you are sure you want to keep the product. 

If you do have to  return an item, please obtain a Return Authorization by emailing us at before returning ANY merchandise. No items will be accepted back without prior Return Authorization. Please return all materials in original NEW unweathered, unstained, unassembled,  unused condition in original packing to avoid damage and to receive a Product Refund.  Our original packaging is custom made with inner foam and materials to give the product the best protection. In the absence of original packaging we are unable to accept returns. The product must arrive at our warehouse undamaged. If the product was on a free shipping promotion, the purchase price of the product less the shipping charges incurred will be refunded.  In your email, please indicate order number, purchase date, what items you are returning and why. If there is a part missing or damaged during transit, we will send this part to you at no additional charge, so please contact us about such issues.

We can arrange for the return shipping through our contract carriers, and at our discount rates, giving you the best price for return shipping.

No returns or exchanges will be authorized beyond thirty (30) days after purchase of merchandise. After 30 days the item will be treated as under Warranty. Variations in wood color and grain are natural, and no returns will be authorized for natural variations in wood color and grain. No returns will be authorized for fully and permanently assembled items. Cushions are not returnable. Products that are oiled at the customer's request are not returnable. Please refer to our our assembly instructions to learn how to do a test assembly. 

Cushions: Cushions are non returnable due to sanitary reasons. No cushion returns will be accepted.

Furniture Covers: Furniture Covers are not returnable. No Furniture Cover returns will be accepted.

Bath Mats and Bath Products: Bath Mats and Bath Products (like Shower Stools and Shower Benches) cannot be returned once used due to hygeine reasons. All returns must be in original condition and original packaging.

Umbrellas: In case you are returning an Umbrella, there is a 30% restocking fee levied by manufacturer + Shipping Charges incurred.

If you refuse an item delivered by a commercial freight company for any reason, the items shall be treated as a return, and return shipping charges will be applied.  If you see gross visual damage call us at 978 689 4041 if you can. If you have multiple items on one shipment, inspect every item before refusing the whole shipment for damage. For example, if one item looks damaged, check the others. We can easily replace the damaged item in a separate shipment, rather than making two round trips with all the merchandise.

In the event of a return please:

a) Contact at 978 689 4041

b) Pack product as your received it (on a pallet, if shipped on a pallet). This is so that the product does not get damaged in shipment. If damaged in shipment to us (Goldenteak) please contact carrier and initiate appropriate claim procedures. We can assist with photographs etc. However, it is important that you pack appropriately so that merchandise arrives back at Goldenteak, The Wood Carver Inc., undamaged, in its original cartons, and unused.

c) Send Package back with shipper (shipping costs prepaid) or we can help you make the arrangements through our carriers at our discount levels (which will save you money).  Return shipping costs are  your responsibility.  

d) Credit for the purchase price of product, less shipping charges, will be issued upon receiving it back and it being inspected for customer preference type issues. Please ship back in original carton with inner packaging placed as you received it, to prevent damage to the product during the return. If a product is damaged on the way back due to not using original carton and materials, we are not able to issue a refund. Please take as much care in return packaging as we took in getting it to you. For shipping charges, please contact us and we will quote the amount that will be deducted prior to return.

e) Please use Clear Tape to secure the cartons closed. Please do not use Duct Tape. Secure the cartons to the pallet if the product came on a pallet. If the product came with a pallet with a bridge to protect the product, try and slip the product under the bridge before securing to the pallet. If you need to make new boxes, contact a box manufacturer in your area. 


If ordered items are in transit to you and you cancel your order,  or shipment is refused upon delivery for any reason, you will be obligated for the shipping charges to and from your location.


Please send email to


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