What to consider when shopping for Teak Lawn Furniture… a short but  Comprehensive Guide.


Teak is an excellent wood for Lan furniture because it is a dense, tightly grained wood with fine grains, natural protective oils and silica embedded in the grains. Each of these characteristics positively impact the durability and comfort of teak furniture.

For eg. Teak is used on the decks of boats because the fine grains of the wood splinter less than other woods and will not injure feet and hands. Ipe, Cedar and other woods have thicker grains and are more prone to splintering. Ther is much higher chance of getting a splinter in your hands and feet from any other wood than teak.

The natural oils in teak  protect the wood from termites and boring insects. These natural oils also protect the teak lawn furniture from mold and rot.

Teak is a somewhat hard and heavy wood. Contributing to this is the silica that is infused in the wood naturally. While the silica increases the durability of teak lawn and outdoor furniture, it also makes working with teak wood difficult and more expensive. Saws get dull sooner, drills break faster, planers require more frequent blade changes when working with teak.

Because Teak has all the positive characteristics listed above, it is in high demand for Lane Furniture and Outdoor or Indoor furniture. This raises the price of teak wood, making Teak Lawn furniture generally more expensive than other outdoor furniture.

However, Teak Outdoor Furniture will last for decades (with regular cleaning) compared to Plastic Furniture, wrought iron furniture or outdoor furniture made from other woods.

Teak wood is obtained from plantations that are government managed in countries like Indonesia. All teak wood used by Goldenteak is procured from Government Plantations and is FSC and SVLK certified ( Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System, INDO-TLAS/Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK) ).

Teak Wood used for outdoor furniture is a sustainable product compared to Plastic, Aluminum (which requires large scale mining practices and tons of energy to produce), Iron and wrought iron (which again requires a lot of energy to product).

Aluminum furniture is prone to corrosion near the sea if there is a crack in the paint (remember seeing a corroded paper thin soda can that has washed up on the beach?). Iron and wrought iron furniture will rust. While large sections of the iron furniture will remain intact, usually the welds and the load bearing joints give early, and you have a non functional piece.



You can take the best material and waste it on a boxy, uncomfortable design.  At Goldenteak we pay a lot of attention to design and comfort. For eg. our teak lawn furniture  products are not  too small or oversized. We try to size them just right so that the product are not overwhelming on your deck or lawn.

If possible we incorporate slight curves in the arm rests, seats and backs so that the contours flow with your body and make the unit comfortable to use.

You may see huge boxy pieces at some other retailers, and several people who have purchase them have commented on the units being too large, boxy, bulky, uncomfortable and in the way.



At Goldenteak we try to price our products fairly. You will find that our quality, durability, and service are better that other who may offer the teak lawn furniture at multiples of our price. Teak Lawn Furniture Sale Items are always available at Goldenteak.com.


All Goldenteak Teak Lawn Furniture is precision made with drawings, jigs and fixtures. So all the pieces will go together precisely and make for a strong furniture piece.

This also allows us to service our customers better in terms of spare parts. If you need the left section for a bench because your lawn care people hit it with a mower, we can supply you with just that and it will fit the rest of the bench.

At Goldentek we carry spare parts – but only for our products.

At Goldenteak we only use Grade A Teak – the best part of the tree – the heartwood. This is the most dense part of the tree and provides the most longevity, uniformity in color and density. It is also the most expensive part of the tree since only 40% of the tree is heartwood.

If you see teak furniture with wide streaks of lighter wood, or darker wood – that is not the heartwood. It is B/C grade teak wood that is about 1/3  as expensive as Grade A teak.



What makes Goldenteak's  teak lawn furniture and other teak products superior to the competition?

All GOLDENTEAKTM brand products provide excellent quality at reasonable prices. Below is a consumer fact sheet with information on quality specifications for teak lawn furniture or indoor furniture. Please call us at (978) 689 4041 for any additional questions. Pictures showing the quality of our teak furniture can be found at the bottom of this page.

GOLDENTEAKTM brand products conform to the following quality specifications:

A) TEAK WOOD - SOLID, GRADE A.  All GOLDENTEAKTM brand products are made of Solid Grade A Teak Wood obtained from renewable Government Plantations in Indonesia (harvested at 20 year cycles, first planted by Dutch Colonists about 200 years ago). We use solid pieces of wood (rather than fingerjointed sections) for all our construction.

B) KILN DRIED. All Solid Grade A Teak Wood used in GOLDENTEAKTM brand products is kiln dried to a moisture content of 8 - 12%. This process is vastly superior to Air Drying offered by others. Kiln Drying ensures wood dryness at the core (not just the surface) and therefore eliminates or reduces checking,  cracking, splitting and warpage - important considerations when shopping for teak lawn furniture.

C) MORTISE AND TENON JOINERY. All GOLDENTEAKTM brand products use Mortise and Tenon joinery in their construction.  This is the most superior of all construction methods, resulting in solid durability.  The Tenons are secured in the Mortises with Teak Dowels or screws as appropriate.

D) MACHINE MADE. All GOLDENTEAKTM brand products are Fully machine made. Machine made construction is about 50% more expensive in Indonesia, since it requires investment in machines and stricter process control. Fully Machine Made is superior to partially machine made as well as hand made. Fully machine made product allows for part interchangeability and easier assembly. Machine made products are more precise, and allow Goldenteak to ship these products Flat Pack Assembled, and have replacement parts that fit when you may experience shipping damage.

E) FLAT PACK ASSEMBLED. GOLDENTEAKTM brand products are Flat Pack Assembled where possible. This method of delivery ensures less shipping damage, and reduces shipping costs, shipping being charged based on Actual Weight rather than Dimensional Weight. The San Francisco Benches and Plantation Benches are shipped preassembled, since curved sections are hard for end consumers to assemble easily.

F) SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION FOR TABLE TOPS. All GOLDENTEAKTM brand Tables have fingerjointed construction at the joints. This produces a more solid Table Top, and is considered the best practice for Table Top construction.

Thanks for your interest in Teak Lawn Furniture and Garden Furniture from Goldenteak.com where we provide GOLDENTEAKTM Solid Grade A Kiln Dried Teak Wood Products. Teak Chairs, Coffee Tables, Loungers, Benches, Indoor Furniture and Outdoor Furniture are all available at competitive prices. We also carry cushions for all the products in our inventory. 

Please see some pictures below that give you a glimpse of our quality. The items shown have been lightly Teak Oiled. Pictures were taken at a customer site.

An aerial view of the GOLDENTEAKTM Rectangular extension table and 8 Chippendale Chairs.

A closer look at the table top.

A picture of the chair showing the solid construction.

Doweled Mortise and Tenon Joinery.

Solid Brass used where applicable....
See picture of Rectangular Folding Table

Very Solid Teak - 
See table top on one of our tables


Care and attention even to the undersides

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