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The Enduring Excellence of Teak for High Quality Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to choosing outdoor furniture, the decision can be as impactful as choosing pieces for your home's interior. The elements of nature present a unique challenge, demanding materials that not only look beautiful but can also withstand sun, rain and snow. One wood stands out amongst the rest for outdoor use: teak. Renowned for its durability, fine grained smoothness,  and elegantly aging to a silvery grey teak furniture ticks all the boxes for functionality and aesthetics.

Natural Resilience and Durability of Teak

Teak is considered a gold standard for luxury outdoor furniture, thanks to its high oil and silica content. This natural oil acts as Mother Nature's shield, fortifying the wood against the relentless attacks of outdoor pests such as termites and carpenter ants. The oils and silica also deter mold and mildew growth, which makes teak a preferred choice over other woods that may degrade or rot in moist or humid conditions.

But insects and mold aren't the only enemies of outdoor furniture—weather is equally formidable. Teak's dense grain and oil-rich composition endow it with an extraordinary ability to resist the warping, cracking, and splitting that often plague less resilient woods when subjected to changing temperatures and moisture levels.

Teak is naturally resistant to Salt Water and Salt Spray. Hence its use on Boat Decks and Boat Trim. This also makes it the ideal material for outdoor furniture near sea coasts. No rust, no corrosion. Have you ever seen an aluminum can corroded to paper thin on the beach?

Aging to a Driftwood Silvery Grey

Besides its hard-wearing characteristics, one of the most appealing features of teak is its aesthetic transformation over time. While some woods deteriorate with age, high-quality teak gracefully assumes a silvery-gray patina when exposed to the outdoor environment, giving it a refined and dignified look that complements any garden or patio setting.

For those who prefer to maintain the wood's original honey-gold hue, this aging process can easily be prevented with routine applications of teak oil or sealer which protect the surface of the wood from uv rays. This flexibility allows owners to customize the appearance of their outdoor furnishings to suit personal taste and style preferences.

Goldenteak's Teak Hyde Park Bench in Beaverton Oregon
Goldenteak's Teak Hyde Park Bench in Town of Beaverton Oregon since 15 years.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

In an era where sustainability is becoming more of a necessity than a choice, investing in teak furniture is an environmentally sound decision. All the teak used by Goldenteak comes from controlled plantations that practice responsible forestry management, which allows for a renewable supply that doesn't harm our planet's natural reserves.

Furthermore, the longevity of teak outdoor furniture ensures that it doesn't need to be replaced as often as its less durable counterparts. This longevity translates into less waste and a reduced demand for resources.

In a sustainability sense Teak is a much better choice than Plastic, Iron, Steel or Aluminum, because Teak trees clean the atmosphere while growing and don’t require mining, smelting or oil production.

Maintenance-Free Durability

The convenience of teak furniture cannot be overstated. Unlike other modern outdoor furniture materials that might require sheltering during harsh weather or rust-proofing, teak remains unbothered by the elements. Occasional cleaning to remove dirt and debris is all it takes to keep teak furniture looking splendid.

Homeowners who are always short of  time will appreciate the minimal effort required to maintain teak furniture compared to other outdoor furnishings. It is our belief that the Best Outdoor Furniture is made from teak wood.

Traditional or Modern comfortable designs from Goldenteak

Goldenteak is synonymous with good teak outdoor furniture. Goldenteak only uses Grade A Teak from the heart of the teak tree – which gives the wood the best characteristics of strength, insect and mold resistance and general durability. Goldenteak’s Teak Outdoor Deep Seating Sofas, Loveseats and Club Chairs have been best sellers for more than 20 years. Out Teak Benches can be found in Towns, Universities and Colleges, Country Clubs and residences and thrive in both commercial and residential settings. Our Teak Outdoor Dining Sets can accommodate from 4 to 14 guests with ease and comfort.

Goldenteak’s Shower Benches and Backless Benches are very popular, as are our Teak Steamer Chairs, Teak Chaise Lounges and Teak Adirondack Chairs and Rocking Chairs.

For good durable outdoor furniture look no further than Goldenteak, especially when Goldenteak has an Outdoor Furniture Sale.


So if you are looking to buy outdoor furniture, teak  is a wise choice that balances practicality with beauty. With its unparalleled durability, timeless elegance, environmental benefits, and low maintenance needs, teak offers peace of mind and years of enjoyment in the great outdoors. When considering your next outdoor furniture purchase, consider the undeniable advantages of teak— and consider the designs, quality and price performance offered by Goldenteak.

100 year old Teak Ship Deck
The Deck of the Charles Morgan - a 1800s era hiistoric whaler docked in Rhode Island - still had the original teak deck - a testament to the longevity of teak for outdoor furniture.
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