Frequently asked Questions - on teak furniture from Goldenteak

We have compiled a few questions that we hear often from customers. If your question is not covered, or you want additional information, please call us at (866) 689 4041, or write us at

a) Does Goldenteak use real teak wood?

Yes. Goldenteak products are all made of Grade A Teak Wood (tectona grandis). The wood is first kiln dried to a moisture content of between 8-12% before manufacture.  There is only one tectona grandis, and that is  called teak. Any other qualifiers used in the description of teak wood may indicate that it is not tectona grandis. Comparing weights of teak products is not representative of heft or quality. When not dried properly, teak products can weigh about 200% of what they would if properly kiln dried.  If two benches look the same, but one weighs more, the heavier one may not have been kiln dried.  If not properly dried, when the wood shrinks, it will crack,  you will  have a pile of teak wood rather than a bench.

b) Why are Goldenteak teak garden furniture products prices low?

We are a direct importer and distributor of Teak Outdoor Wood products since 1996. Direct implies you do not have the 100% middleman markup. We move more product, we are more efficient, and can price our products competitively to save you money.

c) When can I expect delivery?

We stock all items. Most orders we ship within two to three business days. We have now started stocking some of the standard colors in cushions as well. If some portion of your order is not in stock (caught between container arrivals) we will call you and appraise you of the situation prior to processing your payment.

d) Do I have to sign for delivery?

Our smaller orders ship by UPS. If UPS normally leaves the package for you without signature, then no signature will be required. If UPS requires you to sign for delivery then that will be the case here as well. Our larger orders (multiple items) go by motor freight. Motor freight carriers do require a signature for delivery, and it is a good idea to inspect the shipment to see if it looks okay. The motor freight carriers will call you  to schedule a time for delivery with you. 

e) How do your products compare to Gloster Teak Products or Barlow Tyrie teak products or other more well know brands?

 Goldenteak products in general compare very favorably to Gloster and Barlow Tyrie type products. We use the same grade of wood, and pay the same attention to manufacturing methods and quality.  When compared feature to feature our quality is equal to, or in some cases, better than the quality you will find in those products.  We NEVER use fingerjointing to reduce the costs of long lengths of wood. When you compare value, we stand out. You definitely get more for your money when you buy Goldenteak.

f) Do Goldenteak teak wood furniture products require assembly?

Most of our teak garden furniture products are shipped flat pack assembled. This means they come in four to five large preassembled sections. Assembly is easy, and should take about 10 - 15 minutes per item or less.  We use mortise and tenon joinery. We use teak dowels in most joints, and screws in places where dowels would be hard to access.

Our Teak Folding Chairs, Teak Steamer Chairs and Teak Reclining Chairs arrive preassembled.

g) What is Goldenteak's return policy?

Goldenteak offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Product must be returned and customer will receive a full credit less shipping.

h) What is Goldenteak's Warranty?

Goldenteak offers a 5 Year warranty on teak wood products. Please see our warranty section for more details.

i) Does Goldenteak's teak product come with a finish?

No. We ship our products "Natural", fine sanded. This way you can see the beauty of the wood, and its quality. Teak Patio furniture made of real teak wood does not require a finish to enhance its longevity. You may apply teak oil to the teak furniture to maintain its honey brown color. If left exposed to sunlight without an application of a uv protecting oil (like teak oil) teak wood will bleach and become a silvery gray (like driftwood at the beach).

j) How do I place my order?

You can place your order on our secure site on line, or you may call us at (866) 689 4041, to place your order over the phone.

k) Ratings on products - why do some products have stars and some not (as of 1/10/08)?

We recently implemented a customer rating system in January 08. Customers have to fill out their ratings, and as time goes on all our products will have ratings from customers.