Indoor or Outdoor Teak Furniture Assembly

Assembling your teak furniture is easy!  Goldenteak supplies fully machine made product where you can actually see the precision joinery. Outdoor Teak Furniture that comes preassembled is generally hand made in cottage industries overseas - which implies that the joinery is not accurate, the wood is not dried properly. The probability that a fully assembled hand made garden furniture item will shrink, crack or loosen up is high. Further, Goldenteak can supply spare parts (including sections of benches chairs and tables) that fit because of our precision machine made manufacturing process.

The indoor or outdoor teak furniture you have ordered may be shipped "flat pack assembled". Some assembly is required. Assembly instructions are included in every package. Glue is not necessary. Should you choose to use glue we recommend usage of an Outdoor Wood Glue (like Titebond)  in the joints. Note: Use glue sparingly, if you use glue at all, on your indoor or outdoor teak furniture and wipe excess with a damp cloth.

Please call us at (978) 689 4041 if you have any questions.


Folding Teak Furniture pieces - like folding chairs (Rockport Chairs, Classic Chairs, Recliner Chairs, Providence Chairs, Newport Chairs), folding tables (small occasional folding tables, Octagon Collapsible Table, Round Collapsible Table 48") and Steamer Chairs - DO NOT REQUIRE ASSEMBLY. They will arrive folded in their cartons.

Other Teak Outdoor Furniture pieces like Dining Tables, Occasional Tables, Coffee Tables require minor assembly. The table top comes completely assembled (even with hidden extension leaves). The legs need to be put on, and on the larger tables, a brace between the legs. Normally, you would spend about 10 mins per table on the smaller tables, and about 20 minutes on the larger tables.

Non Folding Teak Chairs or Benches (Block Island, Boston, Aquinah, Chippendale) are usually shipped in 4 -5 pieces based on the design. There are two sides with the arms (or without), the back, the drop in seat, and usually a brace either in the back or front. These need to be assembled as shown below. Normally, you would spend about 10 - 15 mins per chair.

Indoor or Outdoor Teak Furniture - Test Assembly

Please test assemble your teak furniture product before using glue and starting the final assembly process. You may use ordinary nails in the dowel holes to hold the product together (do not bang in the nails, just insert them into the dowel holes). The step of test assembly will allow you to make sure of the following:

a) You know how the parts fit together, 

b) You can see the product in its assembled form before permanent assembly

c) You can check whether the teak product fits your preferences.

Once the product is assembled, it is difficult to package and transport. Once permanently assembled, shipping charges and packing are your responsibility.

General Steps for Assembly of your Indoor or Outdoor Teak Furniture

1) Inspect package and Drawings to recognize all components. Note little numbers on ends or faces of components.

2) Lay out the parts so that the numbered pieces match.

3) Tenons (oval, round or flat extending things) will go into the Mortises (oval or round holes) as shown to the right and below.

4)In general, Start assembly by laying one side on the ground and building upwards. (Click the photo to enlarge.)

5) Once all the pieces are in place, insert a small screwdriver or pin into all the dowel holes to ensure they are aligned.

6) Lightly Tap dowels in with a hammer or mallet. You will feel them seat. Dowel will not go in all the way. There may be about 1/4 inch of dowel left over. You may cut off the excess with a chisel or a kitchen knife. Do not smash the dowel any further after it seats.

7) Congratulations! Enjoy your new Indoor or Outdoor Teak Furniture!


04/12/15 All the pieces of furniture went together with simple tools in very little time. The wood is clear, straight grained with absolutely no flaws. I'm very pleased with this furniture and look forward to enjoying it this summer! Thanks for a good product at a great price.

cb, NJ (Harvest Teak Rectangular Table, Teak Block Island Dining Chair, Teak Block Island Side Chair)

Sep. 14, 2015 - My order was delivered quickly. I am very pleased with the quality, solid construction, as well as with the appearance. This purchase has made sitting on our screen porch the favorite room in the house. H&K H, IN (Teak Deep Seating Sofa)