If you are considering buying teak furniture branded Gloster, Barlow Tyrie,  Kingsley Bate or others, we urge you to compare us (Goldenteak) for quality and value.  We have compared prices and service to make it easier for you to shop. The prices we have shown below are prices from 7/1/2022. Product designs may differ slightly. Prices will change from time to time, but we believe the trend will remain.

OUR REGULAR PRICES ARE LOWER THAN OTHERS' SALE PRICES. Why? We are direct importers, have no middlemen, and ship the product right to you. Our marketing budget is reasonable, and all our effort and money goes into giving you the customer the very best product at the most reasonable price. Take a look at our testimonials!  Look at our customer provided photos of actuual installations. Give us one after your purchase!

Goldenteak arranges for manufacture of the teak furniture, buys the teak patio furniture, stocks the product, inspects the teak product, ships the teak product and services the teak product. We are not just a shell web site like many others. We do not abdicate our responsibilities to you the customer and point you to some other "manufacturer".

We also carry spare parts for Goldenteak  furniture, should you lose a bolt or fitting, or even if a back or seat are damaged by accident. 

Goldenteak provides a 5 year warranty which further protects your purchase.  " with Goldenteak pricing and service, you can afford to relax"

Why are our prices lower? We are direct importers, no middlemen, and we believe in giving you great value for your money. You don't have to take our word for it - take a look at our testimonials, our customer provided photos, and if still unsure, buy a couple of pieces before you place your larger order. Our return rate is less than 0.3%.  If you are comparing our quality to that supplied by big box stores, we urge you to check out our quality. Our products are shipped "NATURAL" - no stains or finishes to hide the quality of wood or blemishes. We also use thicker sections of wood - making our product more substantial and longer lasting. 

Product - Steamer Chair (equivalent)

Company Description Price Shipping Grade Fabrication Warranty Returns
Goldenteak 8 Slat Steamer $699.99 (sets for less) Free to most States A Fully Machine made 5 Year 30 days
Thos Baker 8 Slat Std Steamer $1050 $150+ A Fully Machine made - 14 days
Barlow Tyrie Commodore 5 Slat Steamer $2661 $0 A Fully Machine made 10 Years 30 days
Westminster Teak 7 Slat Std Steamer $1539 0 A Fully Machine made Lifetime 60 days
Kingsley Bate (retail) 5 Slat Std Steamer $1268 0 A Fully Machine made 5 Year per retailer
Country Casual Harborside Steamer 8 slat $1166 $105 + A Fully Machine made 3 years 30 days

Beyond the price difference, there is an attention to quality at Goldenteak. For eg. our Teak Adirondack Chairs have slats that are embedded rather than tacked on top of a frame. This makes for more comfortable seating. Our Teak Adirondacks also have legs and frames made of thick sections of teak (1 inch) vs what you find in others. The same qualitydifference can be seen in all our products, but is obvious in our Teak Hyde Park Benches.

Since 1996, Goldenteak has had many  years of great products and great service.  We have thousands of satisfied consumers and hundreds of successful commercial projects in place.  Our mission: to provide great quality teak products for years of enjoyment at the most reasonable prices....


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