A Teak Adirondack Chair is a timeless classic of comfort and design. Premium Teak Wood and Quality construction together help create a comfortable Adirondack Chair (with its optional Adirondack Ottoman) that will get better with age, requires no maintenance and can even be handed down through the generations.

If you are looking for a great Teak Adirondack Chair for your Garden, Patio or summer cottage by the sea - look no further.
Teak Adirondack Chair GoldenteakTeak Adirondack with OttomanGoldenteak Teak Adirondack chair with cushion

Why are Goldenteak's Teak Adirondack Chairs exceptional? Buy one here after you read the details below.

a) We use only Premium Quality Grade A Teak Wood - sustainably harvested from Government controlled plantations. When you look at pictures of competitors adirondack chairs - look to see if their wood looks like pine (with a lot of white streaks or white blotches). Good quality Teak Wood is golden honey brown in color with only minor variations. Larger Box or Catalog stores sometimes get cheaper quality chairs but try to market them at the same price as the adirondack chairs that use good teak wood.
Poor Teak Wood Picture            Premium Teak Wood Used by Goldenteak
b) Premium Construction of Teak Adirondack Chairs - means that a little care and a lot of extra work is put into their manufacture. One could easily cut a couple of boards into an oval shape and nail a bunch of slats on them. This is quick, easy and cheap. Goldenteak's Adirondack Chairs are made with the slats being embedded in the frame. This offers the advantage of cleaner more solid construction, as well as prevents the slats from catching on your clothes or scratching you.
Good Construction methods By Goldenteak Teak Adirondack Chair        Poor Quality Teak Adirondack Chair construction

c) Thick Teak Frames on Goldenteak's Adirondacks - on the sides, the arms, the back and even the Adirondack Ottoman give these Teak Adirondacks heft and longevity. They also make these chairs heavy - so they wont be blown about as easily. We have heard that our Adirondack Chairs make others look chintzy. Take a look at the pictures below.

Goldenteak Teak Adirondack Chair showing heft and quality
We wanted to show you how we measure up. Our prices are very reasonable for the quality we provide. Buy a great Teak Adirondack Chair Here!

Take a look at our Customer Reviews as well as Customer Provided Photos. Both should give you other ideas for your deck or garden, as well as a sense of the quality of Teak Outdoor Furniture that Goldenteak can provide.

We sell Teak Outdoor Furniture in Georgia, and have been supplying Teak Furniture to Texas for years.

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