Hyde Park Estate Teak Bench 8 ft - Premium Teak

Hyde Park Estate Teak Bench 8 ft - Premium Teak

Teak Hyde Park Chair Set of 2

Teak Hyde Park Chair Set of 2

Hyde Park 6ft Bench Premium Teak

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Teak Hyde Park bench 6ft. 72"W X 27"D X 37.5"H. Cushions are available for purchase.
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Dimensions 72"W X 24"D X 38"H
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Teak Hyde Park bench 6ft. 72"W X 27"D X 37.5"H. Seat opening 66". Seat Depth 19.25", Seat Height 17", Legs 3"X 3". Slats 2.75" X 7/8". Over designed bench that should last to be an heirloom. Ships partially assembled in 5 parts. with easy assembly. 20- 30% Off prices on Perigold and other sites.
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Dimensions 72"W X 24"D X 38"H
Shipping Free to most states*
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Teak Hyde Park 6ft Bench in Boston - Goldenteak Customer Photo.

Product : Hyde Park Teak Bench 6 ft (HYDEPARK6)



Greetings from California. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in getting this unit across the US to me here on the West Coast.  My wife and I just love our new 96” Hyde Park Teak Bench. Attached is a pic we recently took. We are looking forward to enjoying this piece for many years to come and It looks great on our front porch. Thanks again for all your help!! S.G.

Products - Hydepark Teak Bench 8 ft

This is a photo of Goldenteak's Teak Hydepark 6 Ft Bench at a customer location. WC (customer) appreciated the quality and purchased another. Product Hyde Park 6ft Bench Teak(SKU HYDEPARK6).

This 6ft Teak Hyde Park Bench at Dartmouth College was a gift of the Class of 1948 and has served quietly for several years. Goldenteak's Hyde Park bench is made from substantial sections of Grade A Teak Wood and can be expected to last 30+ years.

 Goldenteak's Teak Hyde Park Bench is available in several sizes. Pictured is one of our Teak Hyde Park Benches at Dartmouth College in Hanover NH.

Customer - Comment - 5/22/2015 -

I love the Hyde Park bench we purchased.  I am a heavy build and never felt comfortable sitting on the bench we had before - It never felt up to the task.  The new one however, is as solid as a rock.

I have attached two pictures of where we have it positioned on our front step

Regards, J&C Brown (Teak Hyde Park Bench 6ft)

Sep 6, 2015 Hello,   Am extremely pleased with the furniture and with the delivery service - the person who delivered was fantastic, thanks!   Feel free to use the photos below on the website.   All best, NJ, MA. Customer purchased Hyde Park Bench, Teak Deep Seating Sofa and a Teak Coffee Table. Thank you very much for allowing us to use your photos. How the furniture would look in an actual home backyard or patio is what customers want to see.

Over 40 years ago while serving with the US Navy in London, I purchased an authentic British park bench from the city, exactly the same as those in service in the city parks including Hyde Park. After years of service and usage I found it necessary to retire the bench.  So I was delighted to find your website and products, especially your Hyde Park 6' version which is a near duplicate to my original British bench. Please see the attached photo of my new Golden Teak 6' HP along with our appreciative 9 month old Golden Doodle, Chester.   Thanks and looking forward to receiving additional Golden Teak products. S&V H, Fort Walton Beach, FL. Products. Update - Another photo on the Goldenteak Teak Lutyens Bench HYDEPARK6

Hyde Park 6ft Bench Premium Teak available in stock at Goldenteak.com where you get Premium Quality at excellent prices.